A (Short?) Recap!

The last time I wrote here we were in Indiana. We are now in Colorado! How did we get here?!

In Indianapolis, we heard of our brother and sister-in-law going into labor two months early so we decided to hightail it down to Dallas, Texas, to be with them during this time. After spending two wonderful weeks visiting with Matt’s family and my relatives in Hillsboro, we traveled south to Houston.

We decided against shooting Houston because Texans are Texans and we had heard of a lot of trouble given to fellow droners in that area. (It isn’t hard to imagine someone shooting down a drone they see… only in Texas…)  Matt was able to fulfill his lifelong dream of visiting the space station and I was able to fulfill my dream of saving money by finding a free– FREE- full service campground! Haha! One of my prouder money-saving days. We spent an evening visiting our friends the Hohlers and Pepes and then left the Lone Star state to spend time in the Pelican State- Louisiana.

I have always dreamed of visiting New Orleans and soaking in all the best parts about this city, specifically, the food. We tasted so many wonderful flavors and saw so many beautiful scenes. Unfortunately, we only spent 24 hours in the Big Easy because someone had beat us in making a drone video of the city. Which was made fabulously, by the way, and we would totally recommend watching it.

Next, we headed to Birmingham, Alabama. We had researched the economy and tourism budget of this beautiful place previously and had hoped to make a video of it, but when informing the local airport of our intent to fly in Birmingham (following FAA regulations, mind you) we were harshly told that we were, “Not authorized to fly in my airspace.” So we left, a little dejected, to have our spirits lifted by some friends in Little Rock, Arkansas.

We only got a taste of Little Rock because of the airports being so close to downtown. We met up with the Pohlmeiers and their newly expanded family of 6 to eat some serious grub at a local mexican restaurant. I am really particular about my tortilla chips being paper-thin, and this restaurant had the thinnest chips I have ever eaten! They literally broke upon contact. I was in heaven.

Our next stop was Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. We had a surprisingly good time in this eclectic town. Our favorite part was how quickly Matt was able to shoot the city. We watched a few horse races and blew $6 on losers- cheapest date ever! The weather was perfect and the city was just small enough not to be a huge time commitment on our trip.

No time to even think about editing, we left for Santa Fe. Originally, we had hoped to just pass through on our way to Denver, CO. However, as soon as we entered the city limits we fell in love. It took hardly any convincing at all to get Matt to shoot Santa Fe. Not surprisingly, I was in love with the food. Surprisingly, though, I was also in love with the architecture. We finished Santa Fe in less than two full days (our record time!) but we knew we couldn’t leave New Mexico without getting shots of the amazing landscape. So, what we had planned on being only a few hours’ stop turned into a four-day trip. We loved every minute of it.

We are now half exhausted from the get-‘er-done frenzy we have had, and half exhilarated from all of the fantastic experiences we have shared as a family. In a few minutes, we will be arriving in Colorado Springs to spend the night with Matt’s dear aunt and uncle before continuing on to Denver. We look forward to keeping you updated!

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