Staying Put

We were on the road for 109 days. We traveled 7,259 miles in the RV and 4,146 miles in the car, through 26 states. We burned roughly 1,750 gallons of gas. We had one mechanical breakdown on the… Read More


I am going to indulge you with more in-depth stories of each cities we have since visited. I’m sure the recap wasn’t nearly long enough to satiate your interest ;) We arrived in Dallas not even 20 hours… Read More

A (Short?) Recap!

The last time I wrote here we were in Indiana. We are now in Colorado! How did we get here?! In Indianapolis, we heard of our brother and sister-in-law going into labor two months early so we decided… Read More


14,133.   That is the number of comments that were pending approval this morning. While I would like to think that we are just that popular, the truth is that 100% of them were spam. Every few days,… Read More

Disabling Our ‘Contact Us’ Form

Matt and I recently discovered that our contact form on our “Contact Us” page has not been working- we have not been receiving any of your comments/questions/inquiries. We sincerely apologize for this oversight on our part and ask… Read More

A Stationary Home

  Finally our RV troubles are mostly (fingers crossed) fixed. After finishing a visit to Detroit and saying a final farewell to our friends in Columbus, we continued out west. We are now in Indiana- about thirty minutes… Read More

Fireside Chats

As I write this, I am sitting by our campfire, watching the embers die down. Matt is in the camper putting Cecilia to bed- bless his soul… I get some time all to myself this evening. The night… Read More

RV Troubles

There’s always something. I feel like we haven’t even caught up on detailing our other mishaps, and yet we find ourselves with another. At 5am on a Saturday morning (one week ago today) we woke up in Columbus,… Read More

Equipment and Process

I’ve had a few people suggest that I write a post about the equipment and settings that I use, and processes I go through to create the drone videos, so here it is. If you’re interested in just… Read More

Niagara (Slips and) Falls

At the beginning of our stay in Buffalo, we visited Niagara Falls. photo credit: The falls were beautiful, although we only saw the American side. I was surprised how unfamiliar they looked from that angle; when I… Read More | 502: Bad gateway

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