Staying Put

We were on the road for 109 days. We traveled 7,259 miles in the RV and 4,146 miles in the car, through 26 states. We burned roughly 1,750 gallons of gas. We had one mechanical breakdown on the RV’s engine, and many problems in its living quarters. We saw dozens of friends and family across the United States. We had many laughs, and a few tears. All in all, in was a wonderful, amazing adventure. But all good things must come to an end. Or at least a pause.

We made it to California on September 27th, 2015, and we’ve decided to stay here for some time.
(The picture on the right is from 13 years ago of my brother Paul and some of his friends on a spring break cross-country roadtrip. Paul passed away in January of this year from cancer, and a great deal of our summer travels have somehow incorporated aspects of “Living like Paul” who loved life, and always lived it to the fullest. If you’d like to learn more about his life, check out

My (Matt’s) family is here in California, so since arriving three weeks ago (today!) we’ve been living in the “guest house” of my parents’ house, eating most meals with them, and getting some wonderful R&R.

We originally thought our entire roundtrip route around the country could be done in a few months, but we ran into problems and slowdowns of various sorts, and we weren’t even halfway done after three months. With autumn upon us, we realized we wouldn’t be able to shoot any cities (at least pretty-looking-with-leaves-on-the-trees cities) on our return trip. We also realized that we shot footage over the summer for about ten different videos, yet had only edited and released one (since arriving in California we’ve finished one more).

So we’re going to stay put for a bit. My hope is that by dedicating myself to editing, that I can release a new video every 2-3 weeks. Come early spring we plan to get back on the road for our eastbound journey, hoping to film more videos along the way and partake of many new adventures. Stay tuned!

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